We Do Residential Too!

From plowing parking lots to side walks, as well as salt application too. We have you covered! We do both Residential and Commercial.​

With winter comes ICE and slippery conditions!  Put yout worries to rest as we GPS all of our salt trucks and keep accurate records of location and salt application dates and times! 


Salt is great for ice, but is horrible to the environment and rough on sturctures.  Tony, Green Ontario Landscaping's owner, believes in protecting the environment.  He is an accredited operator, who has passed the Smart About Salt Essentials Training test.  He has passed this knowledge down to his staff, with the goal being to use salt more efficiently and reduce salt being wasted. This will reduce corrosion on concrete foundations, help the environment, and still keep the area ice free.


As new winter technology progresses, Green Ontario Landscaping will adapt, and do their part to reduce environmental impacts and serve you better!

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